Broad Coverage for Numerous Types of Properties of All Sizes

Commercial or residential, small or medium sized, our General Property Owner coverage is the perfect plan to hedge against all the risks involved in owning property. This is the one to get if your particular situation is not covered in any of our other more specialized plans.

Whether it’s a condo, office building, high or low rise, strip mall, or non-traditional apartment cluster, all these are covered under this plan with a few exceptions. Get a hold of Dumont for more details.

About Dumont Insurance Corp.

Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp. – renowned for the cumulative industry knowledge, experience and insight of its staff, its close attention to customer care, and its innovative, automation-tinged model – was developed with a unique system underwritten by the most trusted and highest-rated carriers. This unique equation allows Dumont to provide customers with the very best, and most cost-effective, professional liability and E&O coverage, in spite of the ever-increasing hazards of a litigious society.


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