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Manage Your Risk as Medical Malpractice Claims Rise

It is more important now than ever for a reputable surgeon or practice group to have adequate malpractice protection. Malpractice claims and litigation are far more common today than ever before. And there is no question that surgeries are among the highest risk medical procedures, so an effective malpractice policy is essential.

Surgeons face more risks and likelihood of claims:

  • Litigious environment
  • More regulations, oversight, and reporting requirements
  • Changing expectations by the public, payers, and specific patients
  • Larger scale and more impersonal marketplace (while seeing many more patients)
  • Costs to defend claims and judgment awards keep climbing
  • The rules and standards of care keep changing—often and quickly

Don’t Get Derailed or Compromised

Even though most claims do not result in payments to patients, the psychological and emotional costs to the surgeon and staff are high. It also diverts them from more crucial patient care activities.

Treating patients comes with a risk of adverse outcomes and the possibility of complaints and legal claims. Whatever your surgical specialty, or the soundness of your professional training, there will be a vulnerability. That’s why it makes good business sense to have the most effective surgical malpractice coverage possible to back you up.

Reduce the Likelihood of Claims

The best way to deal with malpractice claims is to avoid them happening in the first place. That calls for a well-thought-out risk-management strategy that shapes how your surgical services are delivered. It does not simply consider the procedures that occur in the operating room, but also those activities that arise at every point where the health or safety of patients is affected.

Surgical Malpractice Coverage Reduces Risks Before Claims Arise

Having surgical malpractice coverage is just one leg of implementing a surgeon’s risk-management strategy. The others legs are effective documentation, clear communication, and ongoing prevention. All of them need to work together harmoniously, in a manner whereby they keep being improved upon.

Avoiding medical risks is not an afterthought, a matter of secondary importance to medical expertise, but it is an unavoidable aspect of the therapy provided to each patient. Taking that into account every time assures those you treat of receiving the best possible care.

It is also well documented that such improvements cut costs and mistakes—thereby making litigation less likely.

Our Expertise is Included with the Policy

Dumont Insurance’s team of malpractice insurance experts don’t just respond after a claim has been made against a surgical practice. We work with your staff on an ongoing basis to see that certain high-risk areas of exposure are addressed and eliminated.

By anticipating and resolving issues where problems could arise, the financial and emotional costs of malpractice claims will not derail the primary purposes of your practice.

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