Your Surgical Malpractice Policy Protects You Financially & Professionally

The costs to defend against a malpractice suit is so high that most of them are settled without litigation. So even if there was no wrong-doing by the surgeon or the surgical team, it often makes business sense to settle a claim rather than to litigate it.

Aside from the matters at issue in the specific malpractice claim, there is possible damage to the reputation of surgeon or the group he works for. If the publicity is loud enough or long enough, the matter could easily jeopardize referrals or the trust of other medical professionals. It could hurt the bottom line. Litigation could also invite administrative scrutiny by those who collect data or deal with regulatory oversight.

While there may always be unwanted or unforeseen outcomes, having a genuine concern for your patients and excellent documentation of every action will go a long way in preventing and defending a potential claim.

Our underwriters are also able to customize a policy to suit the individual needs of insured surgeons or surgery centers. We work with you to provide coverage in the areas where it is needed most.

Surgical Malpractice Insurance Covers:

Medical malpractice insurance insures against claims of medical negligence. Most policies also cover your conduct as a member of a peer review panel. This feature protects against lawsuits claiming that an adverse peer review decision made by the insured was inappropriate and caused a loss of income.

There's More than Money at Stake from Malpractice Claims

Every medical professional or business providing patient care is under greater pressure than ever before to provide the best possible services with the fewest possible unfortunate outcomes. The range and kinds of risks has greatly increased for all physicians in recent years.

The rules are changing; the standards of care are changing. Also, the way that medical services are delivered and charged for is driving changes that impact within the examination room, choice of supplies, prescriptions, and recovery in ways that redefine how all the parts of “treatment” fit together. The more smoothly all those pieces fit together, the better your protections can serve you.

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