Who are we?

Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp. has been, for over fifteen years, a leader in providing quality risk management solutions and Professional Liability Insurance for professionals within a wide range of industries, across the globe. Founded in 1996 by CEO Mordy Littman, Dumont employs a team of fully trained professionals who are committed to providing you with the custom-tailored risk management solutions you need to be empowered to do the work you are passionate about; and to do it with confidence, clarity of mind and certainty.

Dumont – renowned for the cumulative industry knowledge, experience and insight of its staff, its close attention to customer care, and its innovative, automation-tinged model – was developed with a unique system underwritten by the most trusted and highest-rated carriers. This unique equation allows Dumont to provide customers with the very best, and most cost-effective, professional liability and E&O coverage, in spite of the ever-increasing hazards of a litigious society.

New World Flex, Old World Strength…

Leveraging new technologies to build a more efficient model, while relying on time-trusted industry best CRM practices, Dumont has established a solid presence as a provider of Professional Liability Insurance for law firms, insurance for architects and engineers and in offering quality directors and officers insurance. With clients the world over, Dumont has positioned itself securely in the industry – for the long haul – even while many others have come and gone like the proverbial tide.

“Our goals at Dumont are to offer quality coverage options with pricing that is competitive, to offer real value in our Errors and Omissions coverage solutions, and to provide options that are inclusive; so that anyone who is committed to their craft – right now, in this moment and no matter their past challenges – can do their work with a sense of ease, comfort and confidence,” said Littman, Dumont’s founder and CEO. “We do this by, firstly, hiring only the best and most highly-skilled people. Secondly, we stay on top of the industry so you can focus on what you do best. There is no Titan of Industry anywhere in the world who can accomplish great things with the weight of the world on his or her shoulders.”

Core Values

At Dumont, our mission is clearly defined: Our work is to make sure you can do yours... Company mantras being what they are, it goes without saying that fulfilling this mission calls for more than some measured paragraphs and a snappy website. Real-time client satisfaction, which cannot be contrived, is our measuring stick, and we achieve it by relying on stated core values and industry-best practices.

At Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp., our core values are clearly specified:

  • RESPONSIVENESS: We take customer care very seriously. We respond promptly to your needs, queries and requests and we are ‘there with what you need, when you need it.’
  • PEOPLE: We hire only the best, fully-trained professionals at Dumont. Understanding that we are only as good as our weakest link, we make sure to not have any weak links. Employees undergo a comprehensive system of performance review and are held accountable for their overall performance.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: At Dumont we are not in the business of twisting arms. We treat our customers fairly and with courtesy and we tailor our solutions to meet your needs.
  • QUALITY: Our system leverages the most attractive coverage options offered up by only the best, highest-rated and most trusted carriers. Within the walls of our organization, quality is the only acceptable result.
  • KNOWLEDGE-FIRST: When it comes to the industries we focus on, change is the name of the game. In what is a fast-moving, ever-changing realm, we maintain our expertise by staying right on top of industry-wide trends and shifts.
  • TECHNOLOGY-NEXT: While everything we do is customized and bolstered by personal oversight, we have adopted new technologies to enhance our services and improve communication; resulting in a more convenient and rewarding experience.
  • INCLUSION: Nobody is perfect. Everyone has been on the losing end here and there, and at Dumont we make it a point to do our best to provide coverage solutions for anyone who comes to us – no matter their past challenges or situations.

To find out what we can do for you, call us at (212) 873-5484 and receive a no-obligation quote.

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