Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp. is well-known for its cumulative industry knowledge as well as its emphasis on customer care and satisfaction. We use a unique equation --- the innovative automation-tinged model --- which was developed with a one-of-a-kind system underwritten by highly trusted, high-rated carriers. With this equation, we are able to give our customers the very best and cost-effective Legal Malpractice Insurance coverage available.

For many years, we have been a major provider of professional liability insurance for law firms. Dumont employs a staff of well-trained professionals dedicated to developing customized risk solutions for our customers.

Our Core Values Make Dumont the Right Choice for You …

Dumont Insurance Broker Corp. has clear core values which guide our work:

  • RESPONSIVENESS: We take customer care very seriously. We respond promptly to your needs, queries and requests and we are ‘there with what you need, when you need it.’
  • PEOPLE: We hire only the best, fully-trained professionals at Dumont. Understanding that we are only as good as our weakest link, we make sure to not have any weak links. Employees undergo a comprehensive system of performance review and are held accountable for their overall performance.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: At Dumont we are not in the business of twisting arms. We treat our customers fairly and with courtesy and we tailor our solutions to meet your needs.
  • QUALITY: Our system leverages the most attractive coverage options offered up by only the best, highest-rated and most trusted carriers. Within the walls of our organization, quality is the only acceptable result.
  • KNOWLEDGE-FIRST: When it comes to the industries we focus on, change is the name of the game. In what is a fast-moving, ever-changing realm, we maintain our expertise by staying right on top of industry-wide trends and shifts.
  • TECHNOLOGY-NEXT: While everything we do is customized and bolstered by personal oversight, we have adopted new technologies to enhance our services and improve communication; resulting in a more convenient and rewarding experience.
  • INCLUSION: Nobody is perfect. Everyone has been on the losing end here and there, and at Dumont we make it a point to do our best to provide coverage solutions for anyone who comes to us – no matter their past challenges or situations.

To find out what we can do for you, call us at (212) 873-5484 and receive a no-obligation quote.

About Dumont Insurance Corp.

Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp. – renowned for the cumulative industry knowledge, experience and insight of its staff, its close attention to customer care, and its innovative, automation-tinged model – was developed with a unique system underwritten by the most trusted and highest-rated carriers. This unique equation allows Dumont to provide customers with the very best, and most cost-effective, professional liability and E&O coverage, in spite of the ever-increasing hazards of a litigious society.


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