Timely Needs Fulfilled in these Needful Times

You are well aware that there has been an exponentially rapid expansion of legal and professional regulations in recent years.  It is more important now than ever for a reputable firm to have all its bases covered, as legal malpractice and professional malfeasance suits are far more common today than they were even 10 years ago.  You may have seen some high profile cases being covered by the media.  You may have even been involved in one yourself.  The point is, the risks in the legal and professional world are at an all-time high, and it is very important for you to be adequately insured.

More than a security blanket

A strong bent toward risk-management is not just a comforting redundancy anymore; it is an absolute necessity from a legal and professional standpoint, given the vast number and varieties of potential pitfalls.  Dumont offers exactly the strong, comprehensive, and individualized protection your firm requires, and does so at very competitive rates.

Highest Quality Services at a Tremendous Value

  • Protection of innocent partners.
  • You have the option of getting an extended, bilateral reporting period.
  • Insurer unable to renege on any paid premiums.
  • Defense costs are advanced.
  • Selection of counsel, if claim is filed, will be left to your discretion.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • A much broader way in which claims are defined.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Definition of wrongful acts expanded.
  • Claims aren’t made and reported, they are made policy.
  • Escrow agents, arbitrators or mediators, government affairs advisors or lobbyists, and title agents may all be defined as “professional services”.
  • $25 million maximum claim.

Our underwriters are also able to customize a policy with additional enhancements to suit the individual needs of insured firms.

About Dumont Insurance Corp.

Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp. – renowned for the cumulative industry knowledge, experience and insight of its staff, its close attention to customer care, and its innovative, automation-tinged model – was developed with a unique system underwritten by the most trusted and highest-rated carriers. This unique equation allows Dumont to provide customers with the very best, and most cost-effective, professional liability and E&O coverage, in spite of the ever-increasing hazards of a litigious society.


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