Legal Malpractice Insurance coverage protects attorneys and law firms, and their staff, against claims of professional negligence. Some of these policies cover the cost of having representation by independent counsel when an ethical complaint turns into a lawsuit.

Firms and sole practitioners alike should have Legal Malpractice Insurance. Any lawyer or firm is a target for malpractice suits at any time --- no matter how good the attorney or the firm is. With legal malpractice insurance, you can be assured of both an aggressive defense as soon as any suit might be filed against you, and a massive reduction in the legal fees often associated with such cases.

Legal Malpractice Insurance covers:

  • Allegations of Negligence
  • Price of Defense
  • Slander, Libel, and Personal Injury
  • Infringement of Copyright
  • International Coverage
  • Subcontracts and Temps
  • Claims and Damages

Legal Malpractice Insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Damages and Injuries
  • Fraud
  • In-house Employment
  • False Advertising
  • Patents and Trade Secrets
  • Information of a Personal Nature

Legal Malpractice Insurance is available for:

  • Firms both New and Old
  • Boutique and Esoteric Firms
  • Attorneys who are not part of firms and are not sole practitioners
  • Independent Lawyers
  • Lesser experienced attorneys
  • Any and All Types of Practices

Our underwriters can customize your policy to give you coverage in the areas which you need it most.

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