Nobody wants to have a reason to file a claim but if it does occur, you want to be assured the best service. When choosing an agency to handle your clinical trial coverage, it is also crucial to ensure their claims examiners are not only preforming according to best practices, but desire to excel beyond that by constantly seeking ways to improve the claims process.

How can you tell if claims management is top notch?

1)  Ensure that filing a claim is as easy as possible. You should be able to report an incident anyway you want  -- whether by mail, telephone, fax or email.

2)  Gain assurance that the claims professional will stick with you from first report of the claim to resolution.

3)  Expect that you will hear from a claims examiner within 24 hours of notice.

4)  Claims professionals should be specialists who exclusively manage medical technology and life sciences clinical trial claims.

5)  To protect your organization’s self-insured retention amount, make sure claims are managed from the first dollar.

6)  Ask the agent about the credentials of an attorney who might be assigned to your claim. The attorney should be specialized in clinical trial and life science coverage and possess a proven track record for successfully advocating for clients during third-party liability suits that relate to medical studies.

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