You learn about the legal side of things in business school, for sure, but once you’re doing big kid things you always want a specialist like Mordy Littman on hand to cover your behind. When we shopped around for an adequate provider, we stumbled upon this gem… much more than adequate! We have had a few particularly litigious competitors, trying to get a piece of our hard earned cash and reputation, and we’ve gotten through each one of these things without spending too much time or money.

Steve H.
CEO of a Food Science Corporation

We generate so much Intellectual Property, it is difficult to remember everything that we have. We are in constant contact with our clients, and everything we do could leave us vulnerable. The protection offered to us by Dumont Insurance Brokers goes far beyond preventative… it is the very definition of proactive. We run our products by them daily, and they have the juice and the total expertise not only to handle it, but to help us direct our endeavors in the most legally efficient way. They are an absolute necessity in this business.

Amir T.
CIO of Emerging Technolgies Co.

What do I do? I create. What does Dumont Insurance do? They protect. They actually came to me… having noticed a “competitor” ripping my stuff off.  As a more artistic type, I am less inclined to the minutiae-minding aspects of business. Of course, I need somebody to do this, because it is virtually impossible to keep things afloat otherwise. Mordy Littman/Dumont Insurance  is here for me when I call them, always willing to offer advice… and as I said before, they tend to get a hold of me too. Good stuff.

Meghan R.
Director of Advertising Firm

Mordy Littman takes full advantage of the entire spectrum of IP laws. It’s the entire puzzle, not just one piece. Much of what we do within my private urban development firm is creative… we need to come up with new ways to bring people and businesses together. The plans we pitch to governments and associations are thoroughly planned and highly focused… the last thing we want is some other entity taking our vision and claiming it as their own. Mordy Littman has taken care of this on numerous occasions… thus the perfunctory shout-out.

Gabriel M.
Urban Development Executive

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Dumont Insurance Brokers Corp. – renowned for the cumulative industry knowledge, experience and insight of its staff, its close attention to customer care, and its innovative, automation-tinged model – was developed with a unique system underwritten by the most trusted and highest-rated carriers. This unique equation allows Dumont to provide customers with the very best, and most cost-effective, professional liability and E&O coverage, in spite of the ever-increasing hazards of a litigious society.


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