Rooftop Garden Installation

A design group was called out in a civil action alleging that $5.5 million in faulty and negligent design flaws were made during the planning and execution of a large corporation’s native rooftop garden project. The group’s involvement with the project was in assistance to a large environmental contractor in charge of the project. A settlement was reached away from court.


An engineering firm specializing in fluid dynamics was named as a 3rd party defendant in a suit between a landowner and a county government. The suit stems from an underground drainage project that ran underneath the resident’s property, which ended up disturbing the local geology and resulting in a massive sinkhole on said property. The county passed on the suit to the firm, claiming that their consultations had led them to believe that the plan was safe.

Contractor / Water Tower Maintenance & Improvement

An architectural and engineering contractor was in a long term paid contract with a municipality for regular maintenance and improvement for the municipality’s central water tower. Video surfaced of local teens climbing up the tower, opening up the hatch, and having swimming parties within the tower. Despite the fact that locking the hatch was the direct responsibility of a subcontracted security company, the city sued the primary firm for insufficient management and supervision of the project. The lawsuit is in progress as of this report.

On the Job Injury

A state government hired an engineering contractor as both the designer and executor for a tunnel through a mountain, designed to decrease travel time between 2 major municipalities by 3 hours. During the construction phase, a worker was partially paralyzed when his lower body was crushed during a rock slide. He sued the firm for $7 million, claiming that his loss was the direct result of the firm’s improper use of outdated tunneling equipment and a lack of proper safety equipment.

Inadequate Construction and Materials

A lawsuit is brought up against an architectural agency by individual members of a fraternal organization. They claim that restitution is owed for poor planning, design, and specification of materials for the construction of a recreation center that ended up partially collapsing 6 months after opening. The suit was settled out of court for a large, unspecified amount of cash.

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